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Roam Rugged Mount Deck



Racks and Storage

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The infamous "How do I mount my Roam cases to my rack?" now has an answer. The Roam Rugged Mount Deck is designed with security, speed, and universal mounting in mind. 

Available for 83L and 95L Roam Rugged Cases.


  • Lockable Latches - Room for a standard padlock to be used to secure your cases contents.
  • Quick Mounting Feet (3 Seconds is the record) - Cam lock and foot create a quick and seamless system for latching and unlatching your case.
  • Rubberized Feet to eliminate rattling and movement - Anyone with a rack knows whatever you mount on it rattles, anti-shock rubberized feet help eliminate noise.
  • Stowable Latches - When not in use, the latches fold down and secure to the base to eliminate noise.
  • Universal mounting - All racks are different, and with that, universal mounting is important. With multiple options for where to bolt the deck, chances are you'll be in luck!