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Centori Adventurer 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent




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3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Details:

The Centori Adventurer maintains the good aerodynamic hard shell Roof Top Tents, folding out to allow for more space inside. The Adventurer is perfect for smaller cars and sleeps up to 3!

The Adventurer is one of our most popular Roof Top Tents. 

One Sky Roof can see through clearly, 100% Water Proof;

Two Side Windows with 3 layers: Mosquito net helps away from bugs; Canvas keep warm and quiet; Clear Plastic keep way wind-cold still can see through; 


Mounting Brackets: 4x Mounting Brackets (2 holes)
Tension Poles: Turn your side windows into canopies
Mattress x1: 1.8 inch high-density foam mattress
Rail Endcaps x4
Instruction Manual: Online PDF or Bottom of the Page
Drainage Poles x1long 1 short1:
Help Drain during a hard rain
Telescope Ladder x1 7ft up to 7.6ft Ladder
Rubber Bands x2 Help closing the tent
Storage bag x2 For your cellphone, chargers, or shoes.
Clear Plastic Window Liner x2 Block the wind and cold/heat

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ADVENTURER(3 - Person) - Dimensions & Weight

Common Vehicle Matches: Small-Size Pick up Trucks, Tacoma, Subaru CrossTrek, Toyota Rav4, 4runner, Sienna, Honda CRV, Jeep Gladiator, SUVs
Open Size: 6'11"(L) x5'3"(W)
Closed Size: 5'3(L)" x 4'1"(W)
Weight: 143lbs (Racks should support 175 lbs Dynamic Weight Load)
Weight Capacity: up to 750 lbs. (or vehicular limits)
Hard shell height when fully closed:  10.5', not include the Rail Height: 0.5’
Mounting rack height: 1.5"