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Spirit of 1876 Premium Roof Top Tent Mattress


Spirit of 1876


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Introducing THE CAMPERPEDIC premium Roof top Tent Mattress

We sell tents ranging from a grand to over $5k, and it seems like the deciding factor always comes down to the mattress.  What if your rooftop tent had a mattress where rest wasn't sacrificed? We're proud to announce our new line of premium RTT mattresses.  It's a 2 stage high density foam designed to specifically fit most lines of soft shell tents from popular brands like 23Zero, CVT, Tepui, and others with standard sizing.  We also designed one for the aluminum clamshell brands like GFC, Area BFE, Roofnest and CVT.   This first run is our prototype and utilizes the existing cover which fits seamlessly.  We are pre-launching this run with all sizes priced $100 OFF.  The mattress arrives vacuum sealed and ready for install.  Please call 720.787.9070 if you have any questions about fitment.  ***THIS ITEM IS THE FOAM ONLY AND DOES NOT COME WITH A COVER, THIS FOAM IS A REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR CURRENT FOAM UTILIZING THE FACTORY COVER ***

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