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These are the original Quickfist Mounts.  They are a perfect inexpensive universal mount that can be easily mounted about anywhere.  We use Quickfist mounts to secure our shovels to the HiLift Jacks. Made in the USA!


• Holds objects 1" to 2.25" (25 to 57mm) in diameter. • Each clamp supports a safe working load of 25lbs (11 kilos). • 2 clamps support 50lbs (23 kilos). • Mounts easily with one #10 bolt or screw. • Mounting area: 2 1/2" x 3/4" (64x19mm). 2 Clamps Per Package

Instructions - 

A new QUICK FIST clamp fresh out of the mold can be stiff.  Use two hands to open the jaws vertically and then pull each jaw once or twice.  Close the jaws and open and close the strap a couple of times.  It's now ready for mounting. 

For applications where the QUICK FIST clamp will be used at or near its maximum opening dimension, the clamp will not work in your hand, as it must be bolted to a fixed surface for the rubber to stretch properly.

1. Use #10 bolt or screw to fasten. Do not over tighten.

2. QUICK FIST can be mounted with the strap facing in any direction.

3. To Clamp: put the tool or implement into the jaws. With both of your thumbs on the strap, push strap to reach the desired tightness. Repeat

4. For certain applications, like roof racks with round tubing, you can install the QUICK FIST clamps using hose clamps. Make sure you center the hose clamp on the plastic washer to avoid cutting into the rubber clamp.

5. For small diameter objects: push jaw without strap down inside other jaw and tighten strap on top of jaw

6. QUICK FIST can also be used as a pipe stand-off (particularly suited for marine applications). Do not use on exhaust pipes.

For High Lift Jacks:

1. For best results, use three QUICK FIST clamps evenly spaced along the steel bar of the jack.

2. Drill out hole in QUICK FIST clamp with a 7/16" (12mm) bit. Use a 2 1/2" (65mm) long, 3/8" (10mm) bolt to attach the clamp (see illustration).

3. To mount the jack, hold it parallel to the three clamps. Put one end of the jack into a QUICK FIST clamp, with the bolt through the steel bar and then lock the clamp loosely. Next place the steel bar into the other two clamps and lock. After all three clamps are holding the jack, tighten as necessary.

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