3 Game Changers for your next Camp

Camping gear that won't break the bank

3 Game Changers for Your Next Camp

Do you need all the latest and greatest gear to be a true Overlander?  Absolutely not, mate.

All you need is the Spirit of Adventure.  Well, and maybe a tank of gas.  However we'd be lying if we said we didn't love rad gear, after-all that's the main reason we're all here isn't it?

Below are three pieces of kit we truly love and use, we believe they add a ton of value on the dusty trail.  Best part is, none of them break the bank.  Minimal, affordable, effective.  Take a gander at these 3 Game Changers:

Level is best.

Perfect Campsite uneven? These Thule levers are a game changer for getting even.  The term "Overland Bargain" might sound like a oxymoron, but these are at the top of our list for a cheap piece of kit that can make a world of a difference.  A good nights sleep can only be as good as your setup, and these levelers get you dialed quickly every time.

Light that doesn't break the Bank

Australia's toughest LEDs are here and this one is our favorite. With a powerful 155 lumen output from a lightweight rechargeable pod, bug-reducing orange light option, magnetic back and durable elastic strap, the possibilities for the Hard Korr Unilight are endless.  

Best thing since Duct Tape.

America's #1 Bungee is so good it's got "Perfect" right in the name.  Made in America, the Perfect Bungee is our most versatile piece of kit.  You can literally strap a leaf blower to a step ladder.  That's may sound like a random anecdote but if you watch our YouTube...you'd get it.  


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