Our Story

Back in 2018, on Colorado’s Birthday, August 1st; I was trying to convince my wife that the most logical camp set up began with us owning our own camp store.  No but seriously, after watching countless hours of YouTube videos and scrolling pages of influencer sponsored blogs, I learned there really was no great way to shop for these products. Online retailers knew nothing about the products they were selling and specialty shops were married to legacy brands. “What if we opened a shop!?”, I said.   So that night, August 1st, Colorado’s birthday, the Spirit of 1876 was born, paying homage to this beautiful state we get to call home. Five years later we’re Colorado’s premier Adventure HQ, consulting and outfitting dream rigs across the country.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and camping and as I had kids I wanted to keep the adventure alive.  This led to series of trucks, vans, tents and trailers as I dialed in the perfect set up.  Tons of research and hands on experience learning the pros and cons to it all.  There’s a lot of choices in this industry and it seems as though the pandemic brought us even more.  We’ve consolidated the top brands and have done all the research so you don’t have to.  Our main goal is to help individuals and families of all skill sets to get outside and enjoy the outdorors, it's good for the soul check the data.  However we didn't want to just be a rad gear shop, we wanted to give back to this beautiful state we call home.  That’s why we plant trees with OneTreePlanted & that’s why we follow the “Leave it Better” motto, because afteer all, we want this paradise to be around for our kiddos.  That’s the Spirit of 1876.


Picure of family