Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Spirit of 1876?

    • Colorado’s born on date was August 1st 1876, our born on date was August 1st 2018. Our main goal is to help individuals and families get outside while giving back to this beautiful state we call home. That’s the Spirit of 1876.

    What do you do?

    • We are an adventure vehicle outfitter, specializing in overland and outdoor gear such as racks, roof top tents, awnings, power, lights, cooking, refrigeration, recovery and general camping gear. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a few weekend getaways a year or head out on a month long adventure packed roadtrip, we’ve got the products to improve your experience. No interest in any of that, but love the outdoors? We have a small fleet of turn key campers to give you the ultimate outdoor experience without the hassle of owning or packing any of the gear.

    What are your hours?

    • Currently we’re a small 100% family owned and operated shop. Although we are here daily, between kids, dogs, sourcing parts and delivering product, it’s hard to keep a regular schedule while delivering you a hands on 1 on 1 experience. For that reason alone, we’re appointment only. Our commitment to our customers satisfaction is our #1 priority. Call us (720.787.9070), email us ( or drop in our DM’s, we will get you taken as quickly as we can.

    Do you have a showroom?

    • Absolutely! That’s one of our biggest differentiators and honestly one of the biggest reasons we started. Roof top tents and gear are expensive, so spending thousands of dollars on something you haven’t seen or physically touched can be overwhelming. Our goal is to not only show you the product, but let you experience it yourself. Climb in, take a rest, we understand it’s a big investment and we ultimately want you to be happy with your decision. Not local? No sweat! We do facetime walkthroughs and consultations all the time. Email or call 720.787.9070 to book an appointment, we’ll ask you the questions needed to point you in the right direction, and take the time to show you why we’re recommending it.

    What Is Overlanding?

    • This is a question that has sparked many online arguments. The lines between Offroading, Overlanding, Rock Crawling, Camping, Car Camping and Road Tripping can be as blurry as you wish. As I see it, Overlanding is driving over land (preferably dirt/mud/rocks) and then camping in a ground tent, rooftop tent, hammock or in the car. A "true" overland trip probably has a few nights camping in a new area each night along a route. That being said if you go offroad for 4hrs and then go home after and want to call it overlanding you get a pass from me.

    What Is A Rooftop Tent?

    • A rooftop tent is much like a traditional ground tent but with a ton of added benefits. It mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle and includes a foam mattress so you're ready to go. They are much easier to set up than ground tents and because they are off the ground which not only provides a fun factor like a treehouse, they won’t get flooded like ground tents and provide campers with an extra sense of security being elevated. They sit atop the vehicle like a cargo box and include a ladder to get in. Like anything, there’s pros and cons but we’ve created an entirely separate FAQ to focus solely on roof top tents. More on that within tent product pages or below.

    What’s the best roof top tent? Hard shell or Soft shell?

    • These are questions we get daily, and honestly it comes down to individual needs, budget and personal preference. There’s pros and cons to each but we’ve created an entirely separate FAQ to focus solely on roof top tents. More on that within tent product pages or below. As always, we’re here when you need us. Email or call 720.787.9070 to book an appointment.

    I don’t see the rack or product I need on your site?

    • No sweat, we’re dealers for several brands that carry thousands of products so listing all variations can be tricky. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to get you set up. Furthermore, not every solution can be purchased off the shelf. We work with our customers to go above and beyond and offer solutions not found online.

    Can you help consult me on my Overland Build?

    • Yes, yes and yes! We’re like a professional rig designer/artist. Decision fatigue is a real thing and when trying to decide what route to go with your build, or what components to consider, it can be overwhelming. However, this is our favorite part of the job, so let us know how we can help. We know the questions to ask to get you the build of your dreams.