⚡The New James Baroud is HERE⚡

⚡The New James Baroud is HERE⚡


The ALL NEW Odyssey is HERE

Sure it may look like the previous James Baroud rooftop tent, but look again and you’ll see some huge upgrades! First, 3 layers of fiberglass was replaced with a lighter ABS plastic.  Don't worry, this isn't like any ABS you've ever seen before.  Over 5 years of testing and hundreds of thousands of dollars has gone into the development of this more durable shell.  With this in mind the tent is not only lighter but stronger, and now offers the ability for crossbars to accommodate additional roof storage.

Moving inside the tent,  the fabric is 3x thicker and has a similar canvas to what you'd expect on a luxury convertible.  The fabric is double stitched for added strength and reflects UV rays, resists water and heat, and acts as an insulated barrier in colder temps making it the most comfortable 4 season capable tent we've ever seen.

When it comes to the setup, James Baroud made it even easier by eliminating 2 of the 4 buckles to open and close, leveraging a cleat system.  High-pressure struts automatically open the tent making it even easier to deploy.

Features we've come to love form the Baroud like 360 degree views, LED lights and a solar powered exhaust fan carry over from previous models butt overall the tent has subtle improvements through out. 

With it's sleek and modern design, paired with their new technology, we can confidently say James Baroud has maintained their position as the leader in luxury rooftop tents. 

Right now we have limited quantities, if you're looking to see one in person come on down as we have both versions of the tent on display.  If you're looking to get into one, act fast!

See it here!

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