May 22 , 2019


Mike Gentile


Everybody does it. Here’s how to poop like a pro in the outdoors.

The question we always get about roof top tents and camping in a teardrop trailer is, “So, uh...where do you poop?” We’ve heard it a million times, and here’s why: everyone does it!

If you've tent camped off-site before, you know the drill. But if you're getting off the lot for the first time, follow these guidelines and simple tips to make your poop as easy as Sunday morning.

1. Always keep a bathroom kit!

Poop preparation is an essential component to camping that too often goes overlooked until it’s too late. Some items you’re going to want to have with you when you poop are:

  • A baggie of toilet paper

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A trowel — Pro tip: If you find a spot that is plentiful with biological foliage, like a thick bed of pine needles or leaves, you may not need to dig a hole.

2. Location, location, location

Find a place that’s at least 200 feet away from both water and your campsite. Pick a spot a random, but make sure it’s not a place where someone will want to walk, camp, or sit down.

An ideal location will have some biological richness which will help break-down your deposit, and finding a place that’s soft will help with digging your cathole. A cathole is a hole that is 6-8 inches deep, and at least 4 inches wide.

3. Leave No Trace

Every single person on earth has to poop, but not everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of national parks while they do their business. It’s every human’s responsibility to look after our Mother Earth and protect the land that millions of people traverse every year.

Using less man-made products, and being resourceful and respectful with your pooping process, will greatly improve the environment and the other creatures who live there.

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