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CVT Mt. Hood Aluminum Hardshell Rooftop Tent

CVT Mt. Hood Aluminum Hardshell Rooftop Tent

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The All New CVT Mt. Hood has arrived and we’re here to tell you it’s the best aluminum clamshell we’ve seen yet.  Despite looking similar to competing brands, CVT has improved every aspect of the tent as well as included some nice extras.  If you’re new to CVT, the company Cascadia Vehicle Tents is known for their high quality rooftop tents and stellar customer service.  For over a decade this company has imported tents outlasting the competition with a simple model, treat customers like their family. 

Similar to other clamshells, the NEW Mt. Hood is constructed of a stout aluminum outer shell that is water, dust and UV resistant. Aside from it deploying incredibly fast, it’s light, easy to use, and extremely durable.  Unlike softshell tents or other fiberglass hard shell tents, the CVT Mt. Hood doubles as a roof rack and includes a set of roof mounted crossbars to allow for bike racks, ski/snowboard racks or other gear and storage.  This makes the tent multi functional, and thanks to it’s durable aluminum construction, allows users to keep it mounted year round.

Another feature that makes this tent so attractive to our customers is the fact it has an extruded aluminum channel that wraps around the entire exterior shell of the tent.  The M8 T Channel allows you the ability to mount an assortment of gear from awnings, shower enclosures, lights and even Maxtrax thanks to our mounting kit. .

In our opinion what truly separates this tent from the competition is it’s draw style latch.  Unlike the common pull over latch seen on previous models and the competition, this new latch is so easy to operate you can literally open and close the tent in under 20 seconds. More importantly, it’s so easy to use you can operate the latch with one finger.  Another great upgrade CVT made to this newer version is they added provisions that allow you to lock your tent to avoid tampering or theft.

Aside from the latches, the All New Mt. Hoods has two extrusions, or what is described as a 2 Channel Option.  The added Channel adds 2 inches to the overall height but more importantly now allows you the freedom to store the ladder or light bedding inside the tent.


Lastly, CVT makes improvements to all their tents year over year, and when you’ve been making tents for 12 years, you’ve thought of everything. The Mt. Hood will include a anti-condensation mat, along with a carpeted ceiling to reduce any signs of moisture.  The carpeted ceiling on these tents were designed to reduce condensation, but as we found with our tempature gun, it actually acts as an insulator making the tent cooler when in direct sunlight. 

Other upgrades include 2 extra large bootbags, they include pockets and carabiners for secure attachment.  The interior sports a ceiling mounted gear net, as well as additional hooks for lighting and/or accessories, giving you the ability to personalize your new camp home.  We also noticed this tent has more pockets than any tent we’ve seen with pockets at the head of the tent for phones, glasses, headlamps etc, as well as in the wedge.  Cascadia Vehicle Tents also includes an upgraded black telescoping ladder with a well constructed carrying bag so you don’t need to stick your dusty dirty ladder on your clean mattress.  They also include 3 ladder attachment sets.  This gives you the ability to enter the tent on either side or through the back under the awning when in inclement weather.   

Note: The Mt. Hood comes in two styles, single channel and double channel.  Both options come in the same sizes and colors and offer identical features, however the double channel does sit 2 inches taller allowing you to store the ladder inside the tent. 





Dark Tan



Height: 6.25" on the Single Channel - 8" on the double channel *Add 2.5" if using crossbars

Width: 50" Small - 56" Medium - 60" Large 

Length: All Sizes 85"


Length: All sizes 81"

Width: 47" Small - 53" Medium - 57" Large

Height: 57"




2 Years

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