Meet the SEMA Award Winning v2.0 from Inspired Overland

Meet the SEMA Award Winning v2.0 from Inspired Overland

Meet the SEMA Award Winning v2.0 from Inspired Overland

If I told you how much, better yet, how LITTLE this wedge tent weighed and cost, you probably wouldn't believe me.


This Award Winning tent shocked the Overland market last week at SEMA taking home one of the "Best Products of the Year" award.  We were impressed when we first heard about it, I mean an 80lb tent priced under $2k, who wouldn't be?!  I know what you're thinking, too good to be true but honestly there's no catch, no short cuts.

The tent comes wiith everything you'd need to get out and camp, including mounting hardware, boot bags, storage pockets, a mattress, a condensation pad, and a ladder!  Did I mention it's only 4" in height and can stow both the ladder and bedding!? Our minds were blown as well! Naturally, we had to get our hands on one and were not only impressed with the quality, but the features at this price point is something we've never seen before. 

An optional drawstring is featured to help suck in the fabric although in our field tests, opening and closing was an absolute breeze.  Attention to detail like provisions for solar with zip pockets toward the wedge and roll out storage bags are a nice touch.  The tent uses your typical gas struts as well as 2 connected tension rods that conveniently stow along the sides.  There's 3 condensation vents as well as mounting options for the ladder on all three sides. 

All in all, this tent answers a lot of our customers needs.  It's easy to take on and off with it's super light weight design and at less than half the cost of comparable aluminum clamshells, it's a great option for those who have wanted a quicker set up and break down without having to miss a mortgage payment.

So what do we not like?  Honestly not much but it is on the smaller side.  I'm 6'3" and sleep on my side so there was no issues for me, however while testing I learned that while laying on my back my feet did touch the wedge portion.  If you're tall and sleeping on your back is your jam, you can fit on a slight diagonal however this obviously isn't an option if you're sleeping 2 in the tent.  Outside of that, due to it's softshell design, there's no ability to mount gear on top or to the side like it's aluminum counterparts.  If those cons don't affect you, then this tent is impressive and we highly recommend. 



WEIGHT 87 pounds
DIMENSIONS CLOSED 82in L x 50in W x 4in H
DIMENSIONS OPENED 48in H at the entrance
SLEEPING AREA 78in L x 48in W, sleeps 2 adults. 2 sets of sleeping bags and small pillows can be stored inside
WEIGHT CAPACITY 500 pounds weight
SOFTSHELL LID FRAME Soft PVC (similar to Soft Tonneau Covers) with gas strut assisted opening
MOUNTING BASE Aluminum with 2 t-slot mounting tracks and stainless steel brackets
MAIN FABRIC Waterproof 600D Polyester Oxford Fabric with UV protection
STRENGTH & DURABILITY Double stitched and heat sealed
VENTILATION Breathable windows made with high density tulle
ACCESS POINTS 3 exterior entry points from side and rear with door valance
RAINFLY Heavyweather rainfly with rods
STORAGE 2 large built-in pockets for shoes and 2 small pockets for personal items
MATTRESS x1 (included) 1.5in foam mattress with anti-condensation pad
LADDER x1 (included) 8.5ft Aluminum Telescopic ladder with adjustable increments.Weight capacity 330 pounds

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