The Difference

Politeness goes far, yet costs nothing.  We pride ourselves on our Customer Service. Check out our Google Reviews, satisfied customers are our best ads. 

We’re a small shop, with BIG brands.  When you work with us you get a knowledgeable human, an expert, not a salesman.  Since we don’t play by big box rules we aren't married to any brand and don’t agree to any exclusivities, we simply carry what’s best.  This allows us to carry competitive brands that you won’t typically find under one roof.  It also allows us to speak freely on the market, what we like and don’t like.  One manufacturer can’t knock it out of the park in every category, that’s why the best builds pull from all over to create a system best suited for their needs.  We’ve not only curated the best brands, but the best products within those brands.  We understand these premium products come at a premium price, so we offer a full showroom with hands-on displays and demonstrations so you can see it before you buy it.  We’re here to talk pros and cons, advise on fitment and compatibility, and help improve the way you get outside.  We’ve done the research and by streamlining the process, you save time and money.