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Oct 07 , 2020


Bradey Hall

Satellite Messenger | Spot X

 Communication off Grid

I am constantly moving in and out of service with no way to get a hold of anyone if tragedy strikes. This is something that constantly goes through my mind when I am constantly camping and fishing. If something happens who will save me, who will have my back? I recently heard about Spot X while looking into emergency forms of communication. Spot X is a 2 way satellite messaging service. Spot X allows you to communicate with people when you are off the grid or far beyond cell service. Spot X can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth and all your contacts can be accessed through their downloadable app. This is how you can directly communicate with family, friends or a search and rescue team. 

Spot X Features

There is an S.O.S button that is clicked in time of an emergency where a message will be sent with your location to a 24/7 Search and Rescue team. For me my Mom is constantly worried about where I am at and what I would do incase of an emergency. Spot X allows my family to track my movements in time intervals that I select (Intervals: 2 ½, 5, 10, 30, 60). When it comes to checking in I am not always the best, so this would give my moms a little peace of mind.

Spot X Satellite Messanger


With Spot X it allows you to virtually send a message from anywhere in the world to any phone or email. This is a big feature when it comes to finding people you're also meeting off grid and are not able to communicate with. In short, these things are super handy but also just give you an added level of security when venturing out.

Small Satellite Messanger

As for battery life the Spot X can run for 10 days which is 240 hours so it will keep up with your long treks. Check it out at Spirit of 1876 and get one so your Mom, Wife, family won’t have to worry any more. 

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