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23Zero 102L Overland Gear Box

23Zero 102L Overland Gear Box

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The 23Zero 102L Overland Gear box is one of our favorite sizes and brands for on the go storage solutions.  Keep all your Overlanding gear safe, organized, and protected from the elements.

Why we love it? We feel the 102L is the most universal size fitting most needs, and low profile enough to mount on a vehicle.  We've used it for food and dry goods, also recovery gear like matrix fit perfectly as well.  Plus, it's 4 buckle design safely secures your gear keeping it dry and clean, while reducing any chance of bowing over time thanks to it's evenly distributed quad latching system.  Lastly, they are stackable, extremely rugged and conveniently mobile.  Buy multiple to store and protect all your gear in one solid stack.

Capacity: 102L

Outside Dimensions: 50.5″ L  x  18.75″ W  x  9.5″ H

Inside Dimensions: 45″ L  x  14.75″ W  x  8″ H

Weight: 30 lbs

  • Durable LDPE material
  • Fits Maxtrax and Hi-Lift Jack
  • Dust and waterproof seal
  • Gas struts as standard
  • Sturdy handles
  • Lockable latches
  • Drain plug
  • Tie-down holes under the lid
  • Rivnuts already mounted ( molle panel coming soon)
  • Stackable

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