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23Zero Armadillo Roof Top Tent

23Zero Armadillo Roof Top Tent

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Light Suppression Technology® (LST®) – is a leading-edge combination of a UV treatment, and an advanced Polyurethane coating that stays up to 15% cooler and ensures darkness (almost zero light penetration) until you open the windows to start your day. Sleep better than ever before in a roof-top tent. Early summer sunrise, being bathed in light, sweating, and squinting through the odd canvas-colored tints are a thing of the past! Control the light – control your comfort!

2” Rebound Foam Mattress wrapped in a breathable quilted poly topper in olive. The newly engineered mattress has a higher latex content to resume its original shape much faster than traditional high-density foam roof-top tent mattresses. It feels firmer even though on paper it has the same specs as its predecessor. Side-sleepers will not slowly sink to the bottom and be left in valleys and troughs if you are prone to toss and turn all night. A water-resistant, breathable, removable, and quilted topper in 23ZERO Olive Green ensures comfort while matching the internal quilted head-liner

Right & Left Side-Open Deployment allows an optimized placement on your choice of Overland Rigs ranging from smaller crossovers and wagons, to bed mounted mid-sized 4×4’s, to monster custom builds. In light of all international vehicle options, 23ZERO defines left and right based on the drivers left and right as they sit oriented behind the steering wheel, or related to your turn signals. The Armadillo A has a clear front and back and is not styled or designed to be mounted backwards or sideways. However, we respect you and Bon Jovi is saying “It’s My Life”!



A2 and X2 - 49” (W) x 62” (L) x 14” (H) [W = side to side L = Front to back]

A3 and X3 - 48” (W) x 72” (L) x 14” (H) [W = side to side L = Front to back]

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