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23Zero Bushman Awning Room




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As always, 23Zero wasn't content with the status quo of todays awning and room market.  Sure, they all look the same and provide shade but the new Bushman awning and room from 23Zero has a couple of unique features that separates it from the competition. The main one is the main door- it's almost the size of the whole wall. Each side has its own door and window and the windows have gussets so they can remain open when it's raining and provide additional shade while still allowing airflow. The room is its own cube with sealed zip-in floor and the room has an attached ceiling. Definitely an excellent addition to your awning if you need extra space, storage or privacy.  Campers with kids and dogs often utilize these Annex rooms for their ease of use and additional square footage for when the weather turns.  Please see our pictures below highlighting the key differences found on this awning room vs the competition.