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4x4 Colorado Alto Elite Hardshell Rooftop Tent (King Size)

4x4 Colorado Alto Elite Hardshell Rooftop Tent (King Size)

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The Alto Aluminum Series features our signature fold-out style hardshell roof top tent. The tent easily unfolds to create a sleeping platform that’s secure and weatherproof. Making it the perfect sized tent for any vehicle!

The Alto Elite Roof Top Tent sleeps 3 to 4 adults.

  • 360-degree views and skylight
  • Shoe bags and cubbies
  • Telescopic ladder
  • LED Lighting

Alto Aluminum Elite Dimensions:
Bed Platform Size:
L: 82.7" W:70.8"
Tent Open Size:
L: 74.8" W:78.8" H: 47"
Tent Closed on Vehicle Size:
L: 74.8" W: 52.5" H: 10.1"

Your roof top tent is backed by our industry-leading warranty and after-care service during your ownership.


The Alto Hardshell Tent is designed in Colorado and manufactured at our factory overseas with high-quality raw materials, and careful attention to detail.

The Alto Mini comfortably sleeps two full grown adults and if you want a furry companion as well.

The Alto Elite spaciously fits 3-4 adults or two sprawled out individuals as comfortable as can be.


Most tents are made from polyester that restricts airflow and collects condensation. The Alto is designed with all the features and durability we've always wanted in our RTT's; it has breathable, water-resistant 600D oxford canvas. The thicker material, waterproof zippers, and rain fly keep you dry and stay quieter on windy days. Not to mention the only fold out tent with 360° windows, only possible with our patented bracket system.


This tent hosts a large door plus two large windows on each side along with a thin window near your head space. You'll notice a high grade telescopic ladder leads you past two shoe and accessory organization bags, and an LED Strip easily powered with a portable battery or any USB. Once inside you will find even more LED lighting, organization pockets, and an incredible rain proof sky light.


We all know what the stars look like on a clear night. They are beautiful! This is especially true when camping. In fact, camping on the most comfortable memory foam mattress there is – away from the city lights – is exactly the kind of environment you need to see all the stars in the sky; our tent gives you extra light by day and a view of the stars by night. The canopy windows have two layers: an inner see-through vinyl mesh window, and an outer 600D oxford canvas window. They even roll up for extra ventilation. Every flap and awning rolls up and secures neatly out of the way whenever you choose.

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