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Big Country 4x4 Land Rover LR3 / LR4 Drawer Kit


Big Country 4x4

Drawer Systems

Out of stock

This expedition grade twin drawer bolts down onto threaded OEM bolt holes (no drilling required). It is designed specifically for the LR3 / LR4. 

Big Country 4x4's vehicle-specific design approach optimizes storage in your vehicle offering more drawer space compared to most other popular brands but with a 2" lower deck, leaving more room for packing on top.  

This drawer kit has one drawer slightly wider than the other to enable access to the spare wheel mechanism via a removable hatch. The drawer kit includes a custom tool to connect the spare wheel mechanism - all you need to add is a 1/4" drive ratchet.  

  • 24gal left drawer, 20gal right drawer 
  • Uses Heavy Duty telescopic sliders allowing the drawer to open out all the way.
  • The drawer sliders can handle up to 255lbs per pair at 60% travel – you will have to try very hard to overload this drawer.
  • Lockable
  • Supplied with 2 x wedge-in removable dividers a
  • Heavy duty drop-in boxes optional extra $75 ea. 
  • Tip-up / removable work surface optional extra $75 ea. 
  • L-track cargo tracks with tie-down points available per custom order.

Internal packing sizes (each drawer):  

Left Drawer     Height  7 7/8"   Length   37 3/4"    Width   18 3/8"

Right Drawer   Height 7 7/8"    Length 37 3/4"     Width   15 1/8"

Weight 150lbs

 * Tip Fridge slider pictured is optional extra