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Trek Light Gear

Double Hammock- Trek Light Gear

Double Hammock- Trek Light Gear

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You raided the Lost Ark.

You found a pirate ship and saved the whole town from greedy developers.

You restored balance to the Force (again).

Now you're looking for the World's Best Hammock...and you've found it.

This is the hammock that made us who we are today.

It's called the Double, but don't think of it as just a two-person hammock.

Sure you can fit, and even sleep, two people comfortably. But the Trek Light Double Hammock is really all about you.

The key to relaxing or sleeping in a hammock like a pro is to lie at an angle across it to achieve a flat, better-than-your-bed-at-home surface that conforms to your body without pressure points.

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