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Expedition Essentials

Expedition Essentials Quick Paper Towel Holder (QPTH)

Expedition Essentials Quick Paper Towel Holder (QPTH)

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The new Quick Paper Towel Holder (QPTH) from Expedition Essentials, is just that!

A quick mounting, flat folding and durable mounting device: for that universally used item that is sure to be in most camping gear loadouts!


  • Flat Folding with spring loaded side arms and top rip lid/ roll tensioner.
  • Constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum powder coated hammered Gray/black.
  • Injection molded roll retainers
  • Super strong rubber coated magnets for attaching to any ferrous metal surface.
  • Option to remove magnets and hard mount with screws or bolts (not included)
  • Optional 3M VHB Adhesive backed steel disk available for non ferrous surface application IE: Aluminum
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