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Kovea Cube Gas Stove

Kovea Cube Gas Stove

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We have found the perfect cooking setup to be a difficult choice. With the Cube stove, portability and performance make this a simple solution for cooking. For use with Kovea Butane (sold seperately), this cube will help turn any meal into a feast.


This stainless steel portable mini-stove features a detachable pot strut for easy cleaning. The elegance of this simple design is both functional and beautiful.

Optional Carry Bag.

D - 8.7x 7.6 X 4.1 inches (Inner Box)
W - 750g
F - Butane (Nozzle Type gas canister)
C - 130g/h (1,538kcal / 6,105BTU / 1.78kW)

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