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Trailrax Pak Rax kit for the Ford Bronco

Trailrax Pak Rax kit for the Ford Bronco

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Sold in sets of Pairs (1 per side)

Do you ever go off-roading and wonder if you’ll have enough gas or storage? Pak Rax eliminates this concern! With a maximum of 16 extra gallons of gas or 70 lbs of equipment, you can be the hero on the trails! This means you can explore longer and farther without worry. Pak Rax will stay firm and snug up against your rig and will not extend out beyond your mirrors. Thereby keeping the bracket system and storage devices safe. For those seeking overland adventure, this product is for you!!

This all-new Ford Bronco Pak Rax is entirely a bolt-on system and will work as a stand-alone (4-door only) or addition to your roof rack!

Our TrailRax Modular Roof Rack (TRMR Rack) has been engineered to be an upgradeable system that allows the user to progressively upgrade their roof rack or Pak Rax to the full kit step by step. You can order a Pak Rax kit and then later add the roof rack and vice versa. Our system is great addition or stand-alone to your Bronco and it allows you to mount tons of different products that you will use on the trail.

We use a 5-stage Iron Phosphate wash on our metal before we add a zinc-rich primer on all surfaces and angles of the metal. We then top off the product with a fine texture black powder coat.  

ATTENTION: This Pak Rax is sold in PAIRS (one bracket system per side) for even weight distribution and maximum gas storage.

  • Designed for Ford Bronco (2 and 4 Doors)(MUST have hardtop)
  • Stand-alone Pak Rax will not work on 2 doors
  • Powdercoated satin black
  • Holds up to 70 lbs per side.
  • Easily removable
  • Minimal installation time

What's in the box?

  • 4- Bronco Pak Rax arms
  • 2- Mounting plates
  • 2- Bronco Pak Rax lower mounting brackets
  • OPTIONAL 4- Bronco (4 Door) outer clamps
  • OPTIONAL 4-Door inner clamps
  • All required hardware needed


RotoPax Products are not included.

Disclaimer: slightly obstructs visibility on driver and passenger mirrors. May cause damage to the hardtop or body if installed improperly.

To ADD RotoPax to your kit you will need to add at least 4 DLX mounts and the amount of desired gas cans. A popular combination is 2 LOX, 2 DLXand 2 gas cans. Add desired items to the same cart to be shipped with your Pak Rax.


2 Door Pak Rax - TR-FB-2D-PR

4 Door Pak Rax - TR-FB-4D-PR

Stand Alone - N/A ETA TBD


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