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REDARC Mount by TrailRax



Interior Accessories

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No more having to make a custom mount that slowly wears out and squeaks down the trail. This mount allows you to mount the RedVision screen anywhere in your vehicle. This mount is the perfect solution for those trying to find where they need to have this panel. 

In collaboration with REDARC, we would like to introduce the REDARC Redvision Universal Mounting Bracket. This bracket is yet another groundbreaking design for the REDARC systems that are becoming very popular in the United States. 

This Bracket is a game-changer for those looking to run a REDARC system in their overland vehicle. This Bracket will mount to just about anything! You can place the revision panel wherever you need it. We designed this bracket to mount directly to Ram B-ball mounts, 67 Designs Diamond mount, and much more. This modularity allows for the bracket to be placed virtually anywhere. 


What's In the Box?

  • REDARC Mount by TrailRax
  • 4x #8-32 1" bolts
  • 4x #8-32 nylon nuts
  • 4x #8 washers
  • With optional RAM mounts B-Ball universal mount
    • 4x #8-32 1/2" bolts
    • 4x #8 washers
    • 4x #8-32 nylon nuts

SKUs - 

Without Ram Ball B Mount - TR-RM-U

With Ram Ball B Mount - TR-MR-U-BM