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The DMOS Stealth Shovel

The DMOS Stealth Shovel

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Full-sized. Fully-collapsible. American-made from premium materials. The award-winning Stealth Shovel is the most versatile shovel tool ever. Its primary use is as a portable car shovel for people who travel in snow country or venture out in dirt or sand. It is full-sized and outperforms any Avy shovel or any cheap plastic shovel on the market. The Stealth is easy to stow in your vehicle, in your pack or can be mounted to many automotive rack systems.


  • ALUMINUM Crafted from Aircraft-Grade 6061 Aluminum for a balance between weight and durability.

  • SNOW & SAND The scoop-style blade and rake make it ideal for moving looser terrain or busting ice.

  • BLADE STYLE: SERRATED The serrated blade is great for raking or scooping.

  • MOST COMPACT Collapses down to an impressively small size to fit in packs and trunks.

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