Collection: Off The Grid

Off Grid Overlanding

So you’re a legit Overlander looking to get off the grid huh? Yeah, I don’t care, I was kidding.  The lines between Offroading, Overlanding, Rock Crawling, Camping, Car Camping and Road Tripping can be as blurry as you wish. As I see it, Overlanding is driving over land (preferably dirt/mud/rocks) and then camping in a ground tent, rooftop tent, hammock or in the car. A "true" overland trip historically has multiple nights camping in a new area each night along a route, being self reliant with gear along the way. That being said, if you go offroad for 4hrs and then go home after and want to call it overlanding you get a pass from me.  

Overlanding in general describes self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the adventure is the primary goal.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite gear to do just that.